Say Hi to Technoblather

Technoblather is back on the air after disappearing long ago (1993). What was Technoblather? Working in a large Post Production company, there had to be a way to dish out facility change and upgrade information to lots of people. Technoblather was a printed newsletter from 1988 to 1993. Company messaging and email took that over. Now, I’ve decided to resurrect the old rag in a more public forum, more of a crystal ball and vapor detector. So, here we go!

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I'm a Broadcast Video engineer who builds post production and production facilities. I'm also dig photography, scuba diving, Volkswagen Vanagons, skiing, technical writing and a number of other things. This blog will be showing some of those items.
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2 Responses to Say Hi to Technoblather

  1. Dr. Sprocket says:

    I’m not really posting a comment, but someone has to test this puppy, eh?

  2. Anne Sofield (nee Masucci) says:

    I remember Technoblather – I can’t believe it’s been soooo long ago now since I worked at Henninger! How are you? Not sure you remember me, but I used to transfer film in the fish tank. I’m in the UK now (if you couldn’t get that from the email address). Hope you are well and say ‘hi’ to Holley for me. Write if you get a chance. Anne

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