Microsoft must be run by idiots

Unbelievable. Have you seen Microsoft’s advertising campaign? This woman runs around looking for a sub-$1000 17″ laptop – and finds one. A real clunker piece of hardware with two year old technology inside and an operating system that nobody wants. At least it’s better than the Seinfeld-Gates attempt and more human than the “No, I’m a PC” ads.
On top of that, Microsoft has the audacity to set up a kiosk right outside of an Apple Store in a mall. Really. The “nanny-nanny-boo-boo” marketing plan from Microsoft. I hope anyone inside is thick skinned.
Clearly, Microsoft is trying to pull Apple down into the bottom feeding commoditized market they find themselves in. The message is “see, Macs are really the same as PCs except with a huge premium”. But geez – to compare the HP laptop this lady bought to a MacBook Pro and infer they’re the same? Has anyone else actually compared them? The Mac is like a giant Swiss watch and the HP she picked is the concrete patio tile of laptops. Oh, the screen on the HP is 17″ alright but it only has the same pixel count as a 15″ MacBook Pro.
Personally, I think the MacBook Pro could definitely stand to be cheaper but if you compare several similarly outfitted PC laptops to it, you’ll find the MacBook Pro to be on par, or even cheaper, than the PCs. Plus the Mac comes with all this world class software you can’t even get on the PC, including the operating system.
I work on mixed Mac/PC networks and fix PCs and Macs for a living (and on the side sometimes). I don’t know how people can put up with PCs. They’re junk. Not that the Mac doesn’t have problems, but not like that. I can point to about 100 people that I’ve introduced to the Mac for the first time and within a year, they’ve all come to the same conclusion – drop kick the home PC.
What Microsoft should be concentrating on is getting Mac users to buy a copy of Windows to load up. That’s right, the Mac hardware will also run Windows natively, or concurrently integrated with the Unix goodness of OS X. Wouldn’t that make more sense? Sell more software? Of course, HP, Dell and all the other commodity PC makers would blow a gasket at Microsoft, but at least Microsoft would stop looking like fools. They can do without that right now.

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