Google vs H.264

Google has shown its hand as being evil. A decade ago, the general public felt the same sting from Microsoft which began a slow, painful, tragically pitiful decline from dominance.

The best way to submerge your detractors is to ignore them and keep doing the right thing. Don’t react or be defensive – just behave like what they say isn’t true and everyone should determine that you’re right. This proprietary land grab from Google may die a horrible death taking Google with it. Ironically, Microsoft apparently realizes this as well. They went through the same thing and recognize themselves in Google’s actions.

The greatest irony that could possibly occur is for Apple to partner with Microsoft and jointly release the best cross platform replacement for Flash imaginable using HTML5 and H.264. Let everyone else follow if they dare. Android will shrink in the US, Windows Phone 7 and iOS will flourish.

Besides, Android and Chrome are “open”, right? How long before H.264 is available as a system hook from someone else? Apple should create an H.264 plugin for Chrome and Android. That would fuck Google. How long after that before Google begins electronic warfare against it? How long before Android and Chrome users realize they’re pawns?

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